Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Gold with Gemstones

Keeping your gemstone and diamond jewellery clean on a regular basis. We recommend having your jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected twice a year.

Sterling Silver Cleaning

Sterling silver does tarnish. Sometimes the sterling silver jewellery is made natural but some silver has a rhodium plating or anti tarnish finish added on top to slow tarnishing.

Pearl Care and Restringing

Cultured pearls are more delicate than any other gemstone or precious metal and require special care to ensure that they will remain clean, bright and lustrous for generations to come.

Ammolite Care Guide

Like all gemstones, Ammolite should be treated with care and attention. Use a soft, none-abrasive cloth to clean your Ammolite jewellery.

Bronzallure Care

Each beautifully Italian crafted, patented alloy with 18K rose gold finish comes with it’s own care instructions. To clean your jewellery, use a soft cloth.

Diamond Buying Guide

Diamond Buying Guide

Whether you are searching for the perfect diamond for your engagement ring or choosing a setting for an heirloom diamond, it’s important to understand the essential qualities that determine a diamond’s value.

You may have heard of the 4Cs of diamond quality, a globally accepted standard for describing diamonds created by the Gemological Institute of America®. The qualities of cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight contribute to the overall value and beauty of a diamond. Combine the 4Cs of diamond quality with your own visual preferences to find the diamond of your dreams.