Designs by Thomas Steele

Designs by Thomas Steele

With over 40 years experience, our top of class designer and Jewellery Arts goldsmith creates exceptional and unique designs on premises to the highest standards.

A Jewellery Arts Goldsmith’s education extends beyond courses in repairs.
Not all goldsmiths are created equal.

Custom Orders

Clients are involved in each step of the custom process:

Step 1:
Design conception and sketch by appointment.

Step 2:
A wax replica model will be made to show you at your second appointment. Some jewellery is better designed using state of the art CAD designing software and a 3D Printer; which we also offer. We will gladly make changes to the model to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We will present and review any gemstones we ordered in to show you. Tom will assist you in viewing your gemstone under the microscope.

Step 3:
Final appointment where we present your beautiful finished jewellery in the metal of your choice.

Custom Jewellery Design


Inherited jewellery or tired of a dated style? Broken items you’d like to combine into one beautiful piece?

At Sapphires we remount or completely re-design your jewellery into a revitalized design. You will save on the gemstones and gold and preserve the sentiment of the original.

We understand how irreplaceable some heirloom items are and we are proud to offer re-mount services on the premises.